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6836 Austin Center Blvd. #110
Austin, TX 78731
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(512) 459-2406
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(512) 422-1442

Deborah’s Background

A graduate of Michigan State University, Deborah has been serving the Austin area for more than 24 years. She has built a reputation for being knowledgeable while closing more than 3,500 loans, and is well-versed in every type, from Conventional and FHA to VA and Texas Vet.

Deborah is known for being in-tune with client needs, and for her thoughtful, professional demeanor. She helps clients carefully weight options and costs, follows transactions from beginning to end, and works directly with the underwriter, all key to closing on time.

Personal Life

Deborah’s husband, Bo, is an Austin Firefighter. Together they have two daughters, Abigail and Amelia.

No Increase to “G” Fees — Yet…

The MBA helped to convince Fannie to delay the increase in mortgage fees that had been planned for March and …

My experience with Capstar Lending was great from start to finish. Deborah and Heather were on top of everything and walked me through the entire process. This is my first time using a local lender versus one of the ``big boys`` and it was a refreshing change. Only way to go!

Laura Parker | December 24, 2017

Had a great experience with these guys. Deborah Ginac was beyond helpful to me and my fiancee while we were purchasing our first home. She was there any hour of the day, week days or weekends, to answer my endless questions, give me advice and guide me through the entire process. I would highly recommend her to someone looking for a hands-on, pleasant and efficient relationship!

Erin Burke | July 11, 2017

She has been a great lender so far, very informative, and managed to get me an amazing interest rate on my mortgage. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house. Any questions I have at any time she has answers for.

Holly E. | October 17, 2017

Our experience with Capstar Lending and Deborah Ginac was outstanding. Every step of the way,her and her staff were right there and there were no issues from start to finish. I would highly recommend them without hesitation.

Randy Spicer | December 18, 2017

Deborah was great to work with. She made the entire process simple and was very flexible as we made a number of changes towards the end of the loan cycle. She even helped us run financial models to help understand the impact of various interest rate strategies. I strongly recommend Deborah for your future needs.

John N | November 13, 2017

I used Capstar Lending when buying my first home recently. Deborah was fantastic and was very patient with all of my questions. She explained everything really well to me and made the process quite easy. It was intimidating to even begin the process, but honestly, after making contact with them it was all smooth sailing!

Megan D | January 8, 2018

Deborah and team had great rates and were fantastic partners in the lending process. The team is friendly and efficient. We look forward to using them for future lending needs.

Chris R | December 8, 2017

After having rented houses for years, we finally decided to look into buying a home. Deborah at Capstar Lending came highly recommended from our realtor, so I gave her a call. Now, having successfully and smoothly closed on our new home, I couldn't be more thankful for having Deborah to work with.

Deborah is extremely knowledgable and helpful. Her ability to understand our budget and goals and articulate details and ideas to work with our goals was top notch. She was always really on top of the process, making sure to get everything she needed from us as early in the process as possible so that we wouldn't have to be scrambling at the end. She was always readily available if I ever had any questions, and she would often reach out to me to provide any updates as well.

I know a number of people that had difficult lending experiences, and fortunately we had the opposite. Deborah was always clear and confident and we were never having to question if things were going to work out. The Lending side of home-buying can be stressful and confusing, but with Deborah, it was a very smooth process.

I would absolutely recommend Deborah to anyone and everyone. I wouldn't ever consider using anyone else for as long as she remains in business.

Josh P | April 21, 2015

Deborah Ginac and Stephanie Donnell with Capstar Lending handled my loan for my first house purchase. Things could not have gone better! They communicated great with me, helping me through my first time purchase. They were able to answer all my questions and I am truly grateful for the support. I was able to close quickly with no problems. I would highly recommend them, and I will be using them again when I decide to purchase another house.

James M | October 9, 2014

I used to be a one stop shop at USAA for mortgage lending/insurances/etc. My realtor (a friend) suggested I compare rates with Deborah Ginac and Capstar Lending. After going through the approval process she noted a loss I took in a company I owned may preclude me from qualifying, something USAA did not even ask about.

She told me the steps needed to resolve the situation and once resolved she indicated that we needed to get IRS transcripts because I am self-employed. Because of the government shutdown there was no one at the IRS to give the transcripts and we were slated to close in two weeks!

Deborah moved heaven and earth to find an investor who was not concerned with the IRS transcripts. She found one, whose lending period ending 10 days before our close date. We moved up the closing date, and now we are in a great house! There is no doubt that we would not have received the transcripts and closed on this house (there was a back up offer.) If it were not for Deborah, we would not be living here.

I will always recommend Deborah Ginac to any friend looking for a lender.

Tony G | November 15, 2013

I closed on my first house on June 30th, and I have to say thank you to Carrie W., who recommended Deborah Ginac and Capstar Lending on a Yelp talk thread about FHA friendly mortgage brokers. Deborah saved me about $28,000.00 on my mortgage ($78 a month for 30 years).

Before I met Deborah, I had been working with a mortgage broker recommended by my real estate agent. The first broker had been able to offer me a 5% rate on my FHA loan. Conversations with her were always rushed, and I always ended up feeling like I was taking up her valuable time. When I had a question, she would not take the time to check that I had understood--she'd just bulldoze through her explanation and then move on to the next topic. I decided to shop around.

During my first conversation with Deborah Ginac, she told me that she'd be able to do better...she could get me a 4.5% rate. She also grasped immediately what I was asking when I had a question and she explained it in a way that was easy to understand. I told her that I'd definitely take the 4.5% loan.

I ended up having a conversation with the first broker, telling her that I'd found someone who offered a better rate. When I told her it was 4.5%, she said that it was a great rate, and that there was no way she could match it.

Deborah Ginac showed up at my closing and she was even more impressive in person than she was on the phone. She was a whiz at explaining mortgages and markets, and she took extra time to explain a complex technical issue with my tax valuation, and to check with the title company to make sure that they had set up the payments correctly so I wouldn't get a big surprise when the bill was due.

It's uncharacteristic for me to feel that I am in such good hands that I can just let go and let the other person take over, and that is exactly what I felt with Deborah Ginac. It's weird...I don't feel that with my doctor or my dentist, and it's not something I would ever have expected to feel about my mortgage broker. How could such an odd thing come to be? I'd have to say that it comes from my belief that she is a master in her field. I know what my grandma would say: That gal's as sharp as a tack.

Angus B | July 5, 2009

Deborah Ginac made our home purchase a reality. I contacted her on February 12 to close on a house on March 1. We didn't have the funds from our existing home sale yet; our seller was dead set to close on March 1 or we would lose the house to a back-up offer, and our buyer couldn't close before March 8. Deborah did her magic, arranged a loan, and got us to closing when nobody else thought we could do it. Deborah and her staff were extremely professional, kind, and responsive throughout these stressful 10 days.

Hurray for Deborah Ginac and Capstar lending. We are truly grateful.

Robert H | May 23, 2013

Capstar turned our dream of becoming homeowners into a reality and got us into our first home. My husband and I worked with Deborah Ginac and she was outstanding from the very beginning of the process right up until the end. Our realtor and friends recommended Deborah to us. We actually contacted her a year before we would be ready to buy to find out if we could even qualify and she helped us prepare in advance. Not only did she get us a very competitive rate but they closed for us in just 26 days, I kid you not! In Austin's competitive housing market that really gave us an edge and helped us get our offer accepted. Deborah was always very patient with us, honest, and very friendly. We could tell she really cared about helping us. The loan processor we worked with, Stephanie Donnell, was also exceptional and processed everything so quickly for us. I have to say they made the process very easy and I am so glad we chose Capstar.

Julie P | July 2, 2013

My lending officer was Deborah Ginac. Originally I was working with a different mortgage lender who set high expectations initially and then when it came to lock in a rate, I was quoted a much higher rate than the average found on I immediately contacted Deborah Ginac and decided to switch to Capstar Lending. I found her to be honest, amiable, and knowledgeable. Capstar has very competitive rates and flexible options, such as 80-10-10 to avoid PMI. Deborah provided excellent customer service and I highly recommend her to anyone purchasing a home.

Ed C | December 12, 2013

I recently arrived in Texas looking to purchase a new home. I found Deborah Ginac and Capstar based on many positive reviews here on Yelp. I can't emphasize enough how correct these reviews were; Deborah was extremely patient and knowledgeable in answering the myriad of questions I had. As an engineer with a Math major you can bet there were many insane questions and possibilities, and she walked me through them all!

Brock B | December 17, 2009

My lending agent was Deborah Ginac. she was very helpful and walked me through each step and explained everything completely. It made the process of buying a house on the other side of the state much easier knowing that Deborah had my back.

Pam R | July 17, 2017

We worked with Deborah Ginac at Capstar lending to finance our purchase of a new construction and she was awesome to deal with! The builder had a preferred lender and offered a financial incentive (a certain amount off of closing costs) to use their lender. I started a pre-approval application process with them, but found them challenging to work with. Deborah came highly recommended by a friend, so I decided to call her, too. From the first call, she was so much more pleasant to deal with. She also offered to match the financial incentive so that we would not be losing anything by going with Capstar instead of the builder's preferred lender. She made the process as simple and painless as possible, and was extremely responsive and accessible along the way. I highly recommend her and would use her again if the occasion arose.

Pete R | April 8, 2015

I can't say enough about Deborah Ginac with Capstar Lending. She does all of our home financing and for good reason. We had went with the builder's lender as part of a new home purchase deal back in 2011. The loan process was so awful, that we almost did not close on the home. We talked the builder into letting us switch lenders to Deborah, and within a week, all the mistakes were corrected and we were able to move into our new house at a lower rate then the builder could provide. Deborah is now doing our 4th loan for home we are purchasing in Texarkana and no matter where we are in Texas, we will always use her.

Craig H | May 28, 2014

As with an important decision in life, buying a house is definitely top 3 in terms of importance and stress. I've always been told to align yourself with great people and it'll make life easier. This same concept applies to buying a house as well. With that said, look no further than Capstar Lending. We've had the absolute pleasure of using them twice in seven years and Deborah and her Team are 100% the best ever!!! Not only with they answer all your questions, treat you with the respect your family deserves, but they really are there for you for life! We, honestly, have nothing negative to say about Deborah or Capstart Lending other than I hope they stay in business for the next 100 years! I promise if you have the opportunity to speak with Deborah and choose Capstar you'll receive the same 5-star service you deserve! I highly recommend Capstar Lending and Deborah!!!

Jr B

My experience with Capstar Lending was great from start to finish. Deborah and Heather were on top of everything and walked me through the entire process. This is my first time using a local lender versus one of the ``big boys`` and it was a refreshing change. Only way to go!

Laura P

Deborah was a great addition to our team - she was such a joy to work with. She helped explain every aspect of our loan and gave us all the information we needed to make the right decisions. I would highly recommend using her for your loan.

$305K House Buyer (Closed) Aug 5, 2016

Helpful every step of the way!

$289K House Buyer (Closed) Mar 11, 2016

Deborah is the only lending officer who does not talk down on us and does not complicate the fee calculation for first time homebuyers like us. Deborah is honest and quick to respond. While we were shopping for rates, many lenders told us ``it depends`` while she had never change the terms she had agreed with us. Capstar offered the cheapest closing fees and interest rate and they provided top notch service to ensure we close on time. I have already recommended her to a few of my friends.

$281K House Buyer (Closed) Mar 15, 2013
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Capstar Lending
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 1 reviews
by Bruce Neary on Capstar Lending
390,000 house buyer

My wife and I were completely and entirely satisfied working with Deborah and Heather in our recent house purchase. They were such a joy to work with. They were very personable, polite and professional in dealing with us through the house purchase.
We were notified promptly of any information or papers we needed to know about, review or sign. They were very prompt in returning our phone calls, answering our questions and in keeping us updated on any materials we needed to submit for the transaction.
Deborah was so friendly and helpful in walking us through the entire process it felt like we were dealing with a family friend. As far as we could determine, Capstar offered us the cheapest closing fees and interest rate and they provided top notch service to ensure that we closed when we were scheduled to.
We can not say or write enough good things about our experience with Deborah and Heather and Capstar Lending.