Home Loans For Teachers: Texas Heros and Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Programs

Capstar Lending participates in the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation’s Homes for Texas Heroes and Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Programs. Capstar Lending is one of the program’s approved lenders and we’d like to help even more families achieve their dream of homeownership this year.

Who Is Eligible For The Program:

“Texas heros” are great people like teachers, correction officers, EMS workers and firefighters. For the full list of who is eligible, see here. We have received a lot of questions as to what kind of “teachers” are eligible for the program.  The answers may surprise you since the program is very inclusive to those working in Education. You will qualify for the program if you are a “Professional Educator.” This means a full-time, public classroom teacher, teacher aide, school librarian, school counselor certified under Subchapter B, Chapter 21, Education Code, or school nurse. “ (source: http://www.tsahc.org/) If you are uncertain about your eligibility the TSAHC website has an “Official Records” search, where you can look up an educators status by typing in their name which will bring up certification records, if any. You can find that search form here. There are other eligibility requirements and many of your questions can be answered on the TSAHC website. If anything remains unclear feel free to contact Todd Kurio directly at 512-459-2405 or by email.

What The Program Has To Offer

The benefits of the program are as follows: -A 30-year fixed interest rate FHA, VA or USDA mortgage loan -Down payment and closing cost assistance of up to 5% of the loan amount -Down payment assistance is a grant and never needs to be repaid -Available for the purchase of a home or refinance of an existing loan -You do not need to be a first-time homebuyer – See more at: http://www.tsahc.org/homeownership/loans-down-payment-assistance

Where Do I Have To Live To Participate and What Do I Need To Apply?

To participate in the program, you can be located anywhere in Texas, although the income limits will vary by county. Here is a list of income and purchase price limits by county. Beyond these limits the program does not limit you to certain areas or to TSAHC-specific homes. You may choose where you would like to live and the home you would like to purchase. In order to apply, you will first need to attend a homebuyer education course which will teach you about the process of buying a home. It will arm you with knowledge and help you avoid any potential pitfalls. After you attend an education course, you should contact an approved lender to get the process started. Remember Todd Kurio at Capstar Lending is an approved lender. Upon contacting him, you will be guided through the process of eligibility, requirements and necessary paperwork.  You will not need to submit an application through TSAHC, Todd and his team will take care of that for you. Don’t hesitate to call with questions if you are unsure.

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