To help you get the most from meeting with you mortgage loan officer, we have compiled a mortgage loan application checklist to guide your first steps to buying a home.

What documentation will we need?

In most cases, we will need the following documentation to complete your file.  In some cases there may be additional documentation that we will require – your loan officer or processor will let you know.

A)  For Purchase Transactions:

  • Complete copies of bank statements for the most recent month from checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts.  (Please provide all pages – even the ones you don’t think are important.)
  • Complete Personal Tax Returns (if applicable) including all schedules and W-2s for the most recent 2 year period.  
  • Paystubs for each borrower for each employer the most recent 30 day pay period.
  • If you are liquidating funds or getting a loan from a retirement account for funds for closing, we will need all corresponding paperwork related to the withdrawal and deposit of funds.  This would include any repayment agreement, checks and deposit slips.
  • If you receive Social Security Income – please provide most recent awards letter for each person who receives payments.  We will also need the 1099 sent to you for most recent tax year.
  • If you receive DISABILITY income of any kind – we will need documentation to prove how much you will be receiving and that you will continue to receive it for at least the next 3 years.
  • Driver’s licenses for each borrower. (Must have clear copy – we’re happy to copy for you at our office.)
  • If you have recently graduated from college (in the last 2 years) we will need a copy of your diploma or unofficial school transcripts.
  • If applicable, clear copies of Non-Resident Alien card for each borrower. (“green card”)
  • If applying for an FHA loan, clear copies of Social Security cards for each borrower.
  • If applying for a VA loan, we will need veteran’s DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility if you have a current one.
  • If applying for a VA loan, we will need name, address and phone number for nearest living relative not residing with veteran.
  • We will need the name and telephone number of the insurance agent who will be providing coverage for your home.  Please let us know if you need references.
  • If you have filed for bankruptcy or had a foreclosure, please write a detailed explanation of why it was necessary and why you don’t expect it to happen again.
  • If you will using funds from sale of a home, we will need the fully executed HUD I Settlement Statement for the sale of that home.  (When available)
  • Copy of most recent statement for any mortgages currently held
  • Property tax receipts or statements for all properties that you own.
  • Homeowner insurance Declarations pages for all properties that you own.
  • Executed copy of the sales contract for your new home.
  • Sales contract for the sale of your existing home, if applicable.
  • If you own any properties that are not currently mortgaged, please provide a copy of a Warranty Deed
  • Deed showing no lien holders or Release of Lien showing that there are no outstanding liens on the property.

b)  If Refinancing, in addition to the documentation listed above, we will need:

  • HUD I Settlement Statement from when you refinanced last time or when you purchased the home.
  • Copy of Survey from when you last closed on the home, if accurate.